Dominic Woods-

Direct Financial USA


Dominic Woods is a man with an inspiring story. Dominic is Direct Financial USA's Vice president of Marketing; though this was not always the case.  When our owner first met Dominic, he was homeless and living in a tunnel.  Though Dominic had little experience at the time, Our Founder and CEO, Cody Perez, saw something in him; he gave him a job, fed him, bought him a suit and even brought him by his house to shower and eat dinner with his family.  Dominics first job was a humble one, but it gave him his start; he was tasked with displaying signs and handing out business cards at various tourist hot spots around the city.  While it took some time, eventually someone saw Dominic and his signs; they called the company and soon enough they were happily out of their timeshare as a result of Dominics marketing efforts. Dominics hard work laid the foundation for what would become an ongoing partnership between Direct Financial USA and the homeless community at large. A portion of all profits generated by Direct Financial USA is put towards furthering this partnership.  Homeless to Vice President of Marketing in a matter of months, truly amazing.