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Our timeshare owner advocates learn your unique situation.

Tell us your exact circumstances so we can begin building your exact timeshare exit strategy.


We use our proven, proprietary process to get you out of your timeshare safely and ethically.

Using your custom-built exit strategy we put you first and deliver results with a 100% money back guarantee. That's the Direct Financial USA Difference.


You are timeshare free, forever - guaranteed.

No more maintenance fees, no more mortgage, no more headache. You'll be out of your timeshare nightmare, and living the life you deserve.

A Tradition of Trust


Direct Financial USA is a people first, profits second company; the reason we're able to help so many people is because we understand.  We understand that people have family's to take care of, homes to maintain, dreams to pursue and realize; the last thing you need is another worry, another obligation or another debt. It's unfortunate as most people's timeshare journey starts while they're on a fun trip and ends with little slips of paper showing up in their mailboxes reminding them that it's time to pay for that thing they never use.  No-one can read minds, but it can be assumed that, when you get that little slip of paper in the mail; you think about what you would've spent that money on. For those fortunate family's it's just another bill, for others, it's groceries; that's what they're thinking about and more and more can't pay everyday.  For those that can't pay, it's not their bank accounts, but their credit score that's decreasing; which of course puts many families further from things like buying a car or owning a home.

Regardless of what situation you're in right now, as you read this, it's our belief that we can help you. The only thing we need in order to help you, is your trust.  The truth is, that there are many companies out there that exist in America today; companies that abuse the trust given to them by their customers. You may have been victimized by one of these companies; if you have been, we hope to restore your faith in people through our exceptional service.  Talk to us, tell us what your dealing with and we'll work to achieve the best possible outcome, for you, your family or the many friends you refer to us, once we've successfully exited you, out of your timeshare.

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